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Ceramic Coating

What are ceramic


  • Ceramic coatings consist of silicon-based polymers (nano-ceramic particles) suspended in a solvent formula which also contains high quality catalysts. These polymers because of their microscopic size, are able to fill the pores and build a consistent network of molecules on the surface of your boat. Once exposed to oxygen, the catalysts then begin the curing process, transforming the coating from a liquid to a solid, chemically bonding to the surface of your boat. You are left with layer of protection that is resistant to extreme corrosion, chemicals and UV. In addition, the surface becomes hydrophobic which repels water, meaning stains and debris can be easily cleaned with a hose.

Why use ceramic coatings?

  • Provides an ultra-hard scratch and stain resistant coating.

  • Long term gloss and color retention to new or old paint or gelcoat surfaces.

  • Highly resistant to UV attack unlike normal wax products which start to evaporate at 110 degrees Fahrenhiet (43 degrees Celsius).

  • Reduces ongoing maintenance of coated surfaces

  • Can be used on painted surfaces, gelcoat, nonskid, glass and metal.


  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE:  Starting at $125 per foot.

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